This Week at St. Thomas'

         Weekly Church Service's Schedule

                           Holy Eucharist

                       Sunday's at 9:00am   

   Rite II except the third Sunday of each month We Use 

                Rite I (Not including Advent and Lent)

                   Healing Prayers and Anointing 

              First Thursday of the Month at 1:00pm

              Prayer Circle Intercessory Prayers

            Third Thursday of the Month at 1:00pm

                      Prayers. Anointing. Peace

         Upcoming Scedule Of Events
               Thanksgiving Eve Mass
           Wednesday, November 27th at 6pm
                         All are Welcome.....
On behalf of St.Thomas' Church we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day

Labyrinth Walk 

Sunday December 22nd 

3:00 pm.

This is the darkest time of year physically, and spiritually for those whose lives are burdened with pain of any kind.  

Bring your hurts doubts, and worries, to the meditative labyrinth, and find the light of hope that can lead you to solace in the solstice.  

Start indoors with a brief introduction to labyrinth walking.  Then set your own pace at the outdoor labyrinth, or use a finger labyrinth indoors.  

RSVP appreciated


Holiday Service Schedule

Christmas Story, Carols and Holy Communion

Christmas Eve Service at 5pm

Christmas Day Service at 10am

                       Fellowship CafĂ©:  

The last Saturday of each month. 12 Noon through 2 PM in the Centennial  Room                          
                    Next date is: November 30th
                                  ALL ARE WELCOME!  


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For information about events around the diocese of Long Island:

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   The Diocesan Camp and retreat center web page