St.Thomas Church will be having a Snack Stand during the Boy Scout Fundraiser; Craft & Vendor Fair Please come down and help support both St. Thomas' and Troop 46 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Labyrinth Walk 

Sunday December 22nd 

3:00 pm.

This is the darkest time of year physically, and spiritually for those whose lives are burdened with pain of any kind.  

Bring your hurts doubts, and worries, to the meditative labyrinth, and find the light of hope that can lead you to solace in the solstice.  

Start indoors with a brief introduction to labyrinth walking.  Then set your own pace at the outdoor labyrinth, or use a finger labyrinth indoors.  

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                         Fellowship CafĂ©:  

         The last Saturday of each month. 
                             12pm- 2pm
                        Centennial  Room                          
                    Next date is: November 30th
                                  ALL ARE WELCOME!