Creation Care Opportunities: " Reflect, Renew, Respond"

Ways to deepen our spirituality and appreciation of nature

Guided Holy Walk Wednesday

August 19th

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Healing Service with Holy Eucharist

What is a Healing Service?

The Service looks like other church gatherings with Bible teaching, singing and fellowship. But the keynote is the personal prayer available to anyone who asks.

Prayer is the Bible’s word for speaking to God. It is through asking God for healing that God responds to us. Prayer is an expression of our trust that God will meet all our needs. He has shown his love for us and that our relationship has been restored by giving his Son Jesus to pay for our sins.


Labyrinth Walk 

Next Date To Be Announced


What is a Labyrinth Walk?
Taking a labyrinth walk is a modern revival of an ancient spiritual custom. The labyrinth, a winding one-way path which leads walkers into and back out of a central space, offers a kind of body meditation which parallels the inner journey of prayer and reflection.


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